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For our beloved dog and cat with higher standards. Our passion is our dog and cats and being a pet parent is one of the best things in life. Leather widget & ornamented dog and cat collars are among the most comfortable and durable collars available for daily use. They feature the versatility and affordability of nylon collars while also being durable and have a traditional show. We believe that to make beautiful products, you need high-quality materials. If it's not good enough for our beloved dog or cherished cat, it's most definitely not good enough for yours. What better way to show your amazing dog or cat’s unique personality than through a unique and just plain awesome leather widget or ornamented dog or cat collar. People aren’t the only ones who like to be blinged out, your family dog or cat would love to look good too. We supply a broad selection of widget & ornamented designer leather collars. Our leather widget & ornamented dog and cat collars are made right here in the USA with the best materials we can find. You are sure to find a long-lasting collar that will let your dog or cat’s personality stand out for years to come.
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