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Well, color me green and call me a shamrock, if that isn't the most fun dogs or cats we've ever seen! And rightly so, because with all the luck of the season, it would be impossible not to be the most adorable on the block. While St. Patrick’s Day may not be a legal holiday in the United States, that doesn’t stop us from celebrating the beautiful country of Ireland and its dogs. Our dogs and cats are part of the family. You're already going to be rocking your green, so don't leave your lucky fur baby behind. Big or small, there's something for every dog to turn our St. Patrick's Day into their St. Puppy's Day. Your adorable dog or cat would melt so many hearts if they tried their luck in any of these adorable outfits and/or accessories. So get in the mood and dress your amazing dog or cat for St. Patrick’s Day. You can go whole hog and let your Four-Legged Pot O’ Gold get all the attention they deserve while making a fashion statement and strutting their stuff. Everyone will want to pursue your beloved dog or cherished cat when they see how cute he or she looks wearing one of our St. Patrick’s Day outfits and/or accessories. Rather, it is a green bow tie, green dog or cat collar, a flashy emerald green dog necklace that has a charm dangling from it or a sparkly green dog hair bows or clip. With so many designs to choose from, your furry best friend can relax at the end of the rainbow in style. That makes for one lucky dog or cat!
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