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The biggest party of the year just wouldn’t be the same if our four-legged friends couldn’t join in on the Fat Tuesday fun. It's time to celebrate, whether you plan to celebrate on Bourbon Street, walk in the local parade or host a Fat Tuesday bash, masks, beads, and Mardi Gras attire are absolute essentials. No matter how you and your beloved dog or cat wants to celebrate, our variety of Mardi Gras dog and cat outfits and accessories will ensure that they’ll be the life of the party and will be crowned the King and Queen, even if you must trade your beads for votes! While talk of Mardi Gras might suggest images of R-rated Bourbon Street debauchery, we can celebrate the spirit of the New Orleans’ Carnival and even make it a pet-friendly affair (our beloved dogs and cats will likely be better behaved than the Bourbon Street crowd anyway). If your Mardi Gras party doggie-date (or kitty-date, there might be some out there) isn’t one to shy away from attention, encourage their inner exhibitionist by decking them out in one of our traditional Mardi Gras Colors of green, purple, and gold outfits or accessories. Your adorable party dog or cat will proudly strut their stuff while all dressed up in their finest or silliest outfits. If there’s no pet parade in your city (or your dog or cat just isn’t a fan of big crowds and cats usually don’t) you can still get your colorful dog and cat into the spirit by throwing your own shindig. Invite your two- and four-legged friends over for your own private Mardi Gras celebration and insist that all dogs or cats flash their bellies before entering. Maybe stick to throwing balls instead of beads, though. If you choose to put your adorable looking dog or cat in a colorful costume, make sure they are comfortable — no dog or cat wants to be remembered as the one who had to go topless halfway through the night. Enjoy and have fun deciding on an outfit and/or accessory.
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