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The United States celebrates many patriotic holidays throughout the year. On these days, we pause to remember the values of liberty and justice that make our country great, and to be thankful for the remarkable freedoms that we enjoy in the United States of America. Sure, it's adorable when a cute kid gets all decked out in the of July face paint. But you know who's the most precious when wearing their all-American attire? Dogs! Seriously, what's sweeter than a furry pup or kitten in red, white, and blue. For the Patriotic dogs and cats of America, break out the red, white & blue and celebrate In style. Who better to model your adorable dog or cat’s Patriotic apparel and accessories after than Betsy Ross? She’s often credited with stitching the stars and stripes that formed our first U.S. flag. Your amazing looking dog or cat will be the talk of the town and express their patriotism when wearing any of our assortment of 4th of July outfits and accessories which are sure to gather plenty of patriotic attention. Sit back with your precious dog or cat and watch that colorful fireworks display in style this Fourth of July.
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